About Us

Welcome to the official website of MP Police Department, serving the community with pride and dedication. As a part of our commitment to public safety, we extend our services to residents and visitors alike, across all 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Our overarching mission is to safeguard the well-being and security of our communities. Upholding the principles of justice and order, we work diligently to maintain peace and deliver effective law enforcement services to our diverse population.

At the heart of our efforts is a team of dedicated and highly-trained police officers. They work tirelessly to prevent and investigate crimes, ensuring public safety is upheld as a top priority. We firmly believe in building strong partnerships with the people we serve, fostering trust, respect, and cooperation between law enforcement and the community.

This website serves as a central hub for transparent and accessible communication. Here, you will find valuable resources, contact information, crime prevention tips, and updates on the various initiatives and events happening in your district.

We acknowledge the critical role that community engagement plays in successful policing. We encourage active involvement from all citizens, as your support and cooperation are vital in building safer and more secure communities. Together, let us strive for a harmonious and law-abiding society, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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